Zhongyu Valve Components Suzhou Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CNVC) which focus on the solution of valve sealing, and have enough experience on the ball valve seat sealing technology. According to customer requirement, we have ability to design, development and manufacture of a set of sealing products. Now, we provide types of soft sealing, hard sealing and metal to metal seats which are size from DN15 to DN700mm, class from 150 to 2500.

  CNVC founded in August 2015, with independent production and operation place in American industrial village which being with efficient management concept invested by America, in Kunshan high-tech zone.

  Using ISO9001 quality management concept, CNVC Insists on the principle of management deciding operation, technology determining products, production deciding quality. CNVC make all of the products having a clear trace route, providing realistic response of any product queries for any customer in four hours(CNVC maintain lifelong unique id for each set of products which made by CNVC ).

  CNVC provides a series service for customers in the pre-sale, sale and after-sale. In the pre-sale period, CNVC keeps active communication with customers, recommending and completing sealing technology solutions for them; In the sale period, provides state of production scheduling on a regular basis, making customers understand product schedule in time; In the after-sale period, telling methods about product assembly and testing, helping clients to handle all sorts of problems.